BlueHost Review: Highly Recommended Web Hosting Company

Bluehost is a trusted web host that is known for its reliability and security. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Bluehost is a reliable web host that provides 24/7 technical support.

BlueHost is one of the oldest and largest web hosting companies, founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton. EIG (Endurance International Group) later acquired it in 2010. Bluehost is a web hosting company that offers unlimited bandwidth, storage space, email accounts, and domain names at affordable prices. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their services. Bluehost is one of the best web hosts for beginners and experts alike.

Bluehost is a reliable web host that provides 24/7 technical support. Their support team is always ready to help you with any issues you may encounter.

Bluehost is a trusted web host that is known for its reliability and security. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

bluehost review

How To Choose Best Web Hosting

  • Site Uptime: Uptime is the most crucial component of a good web host. if your site isn’t, you won’t make money or gain an audience.
  • Site Speed: Site speed impacts everything related to your site. Want search rankings? Get a fast site.
  • Pricing Options: You don’t want to overpay on hosting, but avoid choosing a host exclusively on price.
  • Customer Support: When running your own site, web host customer support is the single most important thing a web host can offer.
  • Migration Features: The ability to easily and quickly migrate an existing site will save you weeks of time.

Bluehost – Best value for Starters

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world, especially among people launching their first site. Bluehost is a reputable provider offering shared and VPS hosting. The company is easy to use, affordable, and has a great uptime. It is geared toward entrepreneurs and small online startups. Billing might be confusing but it has solid customer service for any issues.

Bluehost Best Web Hosting Overview

Company Name BlueHost
Company OwnerEndurance International Group
Service ProvideDomain Registration, Web Hosting, VPS, Security
Service RatingPlans and Pricing: ★★★★★ (5.0)
Features: ★★★★★ (5.0)
Security: ★★★★★ (5.0)
Improvements: ★★★★★ (5.0)
Overall: ★★★★★ (5.0)
WebsiteGo To Main Website
SpeedShared Hosting:
2.6 sec (without cache plugins)
2.19 sec (using cache plugins)
UptimeShared Hosting – 99.97%
Backup and RestorationFree daily backups for CHOICE PLUS and PRO plans through CodeGuard
Website MigrationOne free website migration for CHOICE PLUS and PRO plans.
SecurityFree SSL certificate for all plans
SupportLive Chat (very quick),
Call Support (multiple Indian languages supported), Knowledge Base
Payment OptionsVisa, MasterCard, RuPay, EMI option (Available for Credit card and Debit card, or ZestMoney), Debit cards, Amex, Net Banking, UPI, Digital Wallets
PricingStarting from $2.95/month
Hosting PlansWordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed Hosting, Woocommerce hosting
Refund Policy30-days money-back guarantee

BlueHost Pricing

Bluehost offers six different types of hosting, with multiple plans and prices for each. Here’s a quick look at its cheapest starter and renewal prices for each hosting type:

  • Shared hosting: $2.95 per month, renews at $8.99 per month
  • Shared WordPress hosting: $2.95 per month, renews at $8.99 per month
  • WooCommerce hosting: $15.95 per month, renews at $24.95 per month
  • VPS hosting: $18.99 per month, renews at $29.99 per month
  • Managed WordPress hosting: $9.95 per month, renews at $29.99 per month
  • Dedicated hosting: $79.99 per month, renews at $119.99 per month

Take a look at the table below to get an idea of how much each hosting type costs:

Pricing PlanCheapest Plan: Discount PriceCheapest Plan: Regular PriceSubscription Length for Cheapest PriceDiscount Savings Per Month
Shared$2.95$8.9936 months67%
Shared WordPress$2.95$8.9936 months67%
WooCommerce$15.95$24.9536 months36%
VPS$18.99$29.9936 months36%
Managed WordPress (Pro)$9.95$29.9936 months67%
Dedicated$79.99$119.9936 months33%

Bluehost Reviews Trustpilot

Bluehost is a leading web hosting solutions company. Since our founding in 2003, Bluehost has continually innovated new ways to deliver on our mission: to empower people to fully harness the web.

Go To Trustpilot BlueHost Review

  • Bluehost is 20 out of 22 best companies in the category DNS Provider on Trustpilot
  • Bluehost is 41 out of 50 best companies in the category e-Commerce Solution Provider on Trustpilot
  • Bluehost is 229 out of 273 best companies in the category Software Company on Trustpilot
  • Bluehost is 67 out of 76 best companies in the category Web Hosting Company on Trustpilot
  • Bluehost is 26 out of 28 best companies in the category Website Designer on Trustpilot

Bluehost Support

Bluehost’s highly-qualified technical support team can solve any problem you may face. Depending on when you reach out to them, however, they may take awhile to reply to your requests for support.

When it comes to web hosting, the best type of customer support is available 24/7 and covers all support avenues including live chat, support tickets, telephone, and email. This is exactly what Bluehost offers, with the addition of a help desk and trained in-house experts handling all customer support avenues.


We’re here 24/7

Reach out with your questions, concerns and challenges. Or just to say hi. We’ll be happy to chat and help.

Call 888-401-4678

International calling fees may apply.

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Bluehost FAQ

Do you have to pay Bluehost all at once?

The most basic WordPress hosting plan with Bluehost costs $2.75/month for 36 months. While you can’t pay the $2.75 each month and have to pay all together, this works out to just $99 for 36 months.

Can you cancel Bluehost at any time?

Because Bluehost does not use contracts, as of May 2013, you are free to cancel your Bluehost account at any time. Bluehost issues a full refund if you delete your account within 30 days of signing up. If you delete it after those 30 days, Bluehost provides a prorated refund.

What happens when domain expires Bluehost?

In the event that a domain expires, Bluehost will hold the expired domain for up to 30 days as a courtesy and not as an obligation (contractual or otherwise). After 30 days past expiration, the domain will be placed in redemption.

How many websites can I host on Bluehost?

unlimited domains

A successful website starts with the right domain name. Domains are your online address – it’s how people find your website when it’s stored on a server. At Bluehost, you can host unlimited domains on your account, which means you can manage as many websites as you like – all from one place.

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